Warwick Castle


I had land­ed in rur­al Eng­land and stayed there for two nights in a beau­ti­ful old cot­tage. Not far away was the small town of War­wick with the cas­tle of the same name. As a vis­it to a cas­tle or palace should be part of every vis­it to the king­dom, it was of course a must. War­wick Cas­tle is well orga­nized for tourists — a lit­tle too much for my taste, but the lov­ing­ly dec­o­rat­ed rooms of the mighty cas­tle had a lit­tle more to offer than the oth­er­wise rather life­less pomp. In the park, the castle’s own fal­con­ry put on a flight show and, in the bright sun­shine, I took a stroll through the typ­i­cal­ly Eng­lish park until my feet did­n’t want to go any more.

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