The Queen was here in the 60s, Roger Moore (as James Bond) in the 80s and so was I, again 30 years lat­er. The hotel was for­tu­nate­ly locat­ed right next to the impos­ing city palace and the lake and so the paths were not far. I explored the beau­ti­ful palace inside as well as out­side and let myself be car­ried away to a boat tour. So I could, still a bit bat­tered, relax and take a picture.

In Udaipur it was also time to say good­bye to the com­fort­able cab tourism. It was the final stop with Ahmed, my dri­ver. We had warmed up to each oth­er late, but even­tu­al­ly we got along quite well and he was less skep­ti­cal about me being an unmar­ried sin­gle trav­el­er in my ear­ly 40s. He got his well-deserved tip and we even said good­bye with a short hug.

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